Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Find a job with Facebook

Encontrar empleo con Facebook y las redes sociales.
Most of you study foreign languages in order to find a better job. Probably, this is the main reason to learn languages. Speaking properly a foreign language could be the key to success searching a new position.

Nowadays, thanks to internet and the social networks, finding a job is "easier". At least, you can apply for a position that you would never know about without internet.

Recenty, a blog called Cádiz empleo that publish a post (50 páginas de Facebook para dar un "Me gusta" al empleo) with 50 Facebook pages to find a job such as Zona jobs, InfoJobs, Infoempleo, Adecco, Europeos.es, Empleo El Pais o Hablemos de Empleo among others. Bookmark this post.


If you want to meet people and practice languages with native spakers visit Babelan.

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