Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Help others to find a language exchange, a private lesson or translation service

You can help others to find a person for a language exchange. Also, you can help a student to find a private tutor (and vice versa) or a freelance translator a work.

Just place a link in your blog or personal page. Babelan has a free message board to offer and find a language exchange, a class or a translation service.


Babelan - The languages site.

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mexico in Babelan

Babelan has added a new city to offer and find languages exchanges, classes and translations services. The new city is Mexico DF. Currently, the list of cities in Babelan is as follows:
The most outstanding new feature in the Babelan site is the Global language exchange (messenger, e-mail, voice, chat, skype, webcam, msn) area. This is where you can find native people to practice your target language from home, just with your e-mail, messenger or voice software. It could be any language Russian, English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, French, German, Hungarian, Turkish, Polish, Italian, Arabic, Greek, Czech or Korean.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Learning Estonian

Recently, someone suggested in the Babelan directory a language page to practice Estonian, ZpeakIt. You can find there different useful phrases in Estonian and its translation into English. Clicking the phrase you can listen it.

There are some basic topics you can choose from: greetings, shopping, questions, help, conversation, thanks, conversation questions, common expressions, travel, asking the way, weather nad all phrases.

There is also a an area for registered users where you can monitor your progress.

ZpeakIt: http://zpeakit.com/main

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