Saturday, December 18, 2010

VOA Learning English Youtube channel

A previous post, Voice of America (VOA) special English, tells about a special English radio broadcast. This is intended for those who learn English as a foreign language and it's an excellent tool to listen real English.

Moreover, VOA Learning English has got a video channel in Youtube. The channel is plenty of videos. Basically, they are news spoken in slow English with a box that displays the script of the speech.

The videos are classified into different lists: Technology Report, Economics Report, General Interest, Health Report, Education Report and Agriculture Report.

VOA Learning English channel

A news and information service used by English learners and teachers worldwide. Reports are written in VOA Special English, which is read one-third slower than regular English. VOA Special English programs are broadcast online, on radio and on TV.

New York City Celebrates Its 400th Anniversary


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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Learning foreign languages: listening skills

Just reading some tweets you can find some interesting language related articles. Here, there are some language posts I found in Twitter. They have some helpful tips about listening skills:

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