How to learn a language

So far, several posts telling tips of how to learn languages have been posted. There are no miraculous methods, hence, you should find the one that better fits you. Although, the key is to work every day all the skills together: reading, listening, speaking and writing. You will find bellow the list of some of them that are interesting.

Take advantage of your time learning a foreign language
Learning a foreign language is time consuming. Most of us think that we aren't able to learn because of lack of time. And, as you should know regarding languages, the more you study and practice the more you learn.

Am I capable of learning a foreign language?
Tips on learning foreign languages.

It tells ways of learning any language quickly.

Thanks to internet, now you can listen foreign stations and practice your listening skills.

Different ways to learn new words in Russian, although these tips are useful for any foreign language that you may be learning.

Interesting article with some tips to learn a foreign language in a few months.

Learning a foreign language could be easier than you expect. You must work different skills such as reading, writing, speaking and listening. Just attending a class a few hours every week is not enough, you must work every day a bit at home. Obviously, the best way is to live in the country where the target language is spoken. Although, if you do not have the chance, you can improve so much in your home country.

As you probably know, internet offers endless chances of improving your listening skills: radio broadcasts, podcasts, videos, films, etc. Although, there are other ways of working your listening skills. The following is a useful tip.

Kató Lomb was a Hungarian interpreter, translator, language genius and one of the first simultaneous interpreters in the world. She spoke 17 different languages. And she suggested the Ten Commandments for language learning.

New technologies (skype, messenger, e-mail, voice, chat, webcam, msn,...) allow students to make new friends and talk in different languages.

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