Thursday, July 29, 2010

Russian in Exercices

Usually, in this blog you find posts about other free and interesting language related web pages. However, this one is about a self-study book of Russian.

It's a grammar book titled Russian in Exercices. This book is an additional tool for your Russian classes or your self-study. Although, it's not a book to be used alone.

It is divided into different sections. The first one is an introduction to basic language topics (gender, noums, pronoums...).

The following section is focus in cases (accusative, nominative...), verbs and complex sentences.

At the beginning of each key point there's a short explanation of the grammar point, although, it is not comprehensive. Probably, this is a weak point of the book. On the other hand, the excercises cover all the most useful examples of each grammar point and this is why this book is so recommendable. The last pages of the book contains all the answers for every excercise.

Excerpt from the preface

Russian in Exercices is intended for beginners. It contains exercises designed to consolidate and activise basic Russian grammar and vocabulary. Russian in Exercices falls into two parts: 1. An Introductory Lexical and Grammatical Course, and 2. The Main Course.
Russian in Exercices is based on a limited number of commonest Russian words, a feature which makes it possible to use it to supplement any comprehensive Russian course.

Practicing and learning Russian

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