Thursday, June 17, 2010

Watch to Learn Chinese

Watch to Learn Chinese offers a collection of videos to help you to learn Chinese. They are arranged in three different categories: beginner, medium and advanced. There are over five hundred videos uploaded by 120 different users. Also, If you find a interesting video you can submit it.

About Watch to Learn Chinese... "This site was created by Philipp Lenssen and Yinxue in 2008, living in Germany, with YouTube videos by their respective creators. I hope the currently 564 videos from 120 creators can help you train your Chinese, along with additional material you may have or classes you may take."

Easy Beginner Chinese Lesson: Shopping 1 "I don't want it!"

Practicing and learning Chinese

In addition, you can find native speakers for a language exchange, a private class or a translator in

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Learn Russian with Alla's videos

Allatek's Channel has got several videos to learn Russian from scratch. In a pleasant way, Alla, an Ukranian language teacher, helps to improve Russian with her videos.

The lessons cover from the beginner (with the alphabet) to a high level (with vocabulary, idioms, useful topics -such as travel, work, family...-, etc).

Alla states in her channel "My name is Alla Shubina and I'm an online Russian Teacher and Tutor. I specialize in teaching international business clients, university and high school students, and those with romantic relationships. I'm now offering live, online one-on-one Russian Language lessons via Skype or MSN Messenger. After teaching and studying various world languages over the past ten years, I've found there is no substitute for live conversation and instruction with a native speaker. Live interaction provides immediate feedback and dramatically increases fluency."

Watch one of the videos: Asking Directions (straight ahead, left, and right)

Practicing and learning Russian

In addition, you can find native speakers for a language exchange, a private class or a translator in
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