Sunday, January 22, 2012

Watch Russian films online

Mosfilm, a Russian film studio, has got in Youtube a channel with several Russian films. Hence, either you are studying Russian or you already speak it, you will enjoy watching this channel. Then, sit down and enjoy Russian cinema.

About Mosfilm (from Wikipedia):
Mosfilm (Russian: Мосфильм, pronounced [məsˈfʲɨlʲm]) is a film studio, which is often described as the largest and oldest in Russia and in Europe. Its output includes most of the more widely-acclaimed Soviet films, ranging from works by Tarkovsky and Eisenstein (commonly considered the greatest Soviet directors), to Red Westerns, to the Akira Kurosawa co-production (Дерсу Узала / Dersu Uzala) and the epic Война и Мир / War and Peace.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Radio, a mean to learn languages

Not long time ago, I used to listen to short wave stations (SW). When listening to these international broadcasts I improved quite a lot my English listening skills. Moreover, I enjoyed so much discovering new countries and its culture, people, history, gastronomy, etc.

Right now, you can easily listen to international and local radio stations from around the world. You just need to have a WiFi radio set or a smartphone (preferably with WiFi).

The best advice is to listen for a while a radio station of your target language everyday. Also, you can download podcasts of your favourite programmes and listen to them whenever you feel like.

You can start listening to international stations. They speak slower and are easy to understand as they target foreign audiencies.

Most of them also broadcast language courses that you can find in their web pages.

Some international stations are:

You can search  local and international broadcasters in different directories:

Above all, do not forget to listen to radio in your target language everyday. You'll notice soon how much you improve.

Also, you can write a comment if you know more tips about learning languages.

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

English for You, Rosa´s Blog

This is a blog intended for those young students of English, basically teenagers from 15 to 18. The whole blog is in English, this way the students are always in touch with the language.

You can find tips, videos, photos, reading activities, jokes and grammar stuff... all presented in a funny way.

Rosa describes her blog this way: This blog is mainly for my students (aged 15-18) but everybody is welcome!. I write about stuff that I find interesting for them, not only for our classes but for their general knowledge, i.e. about anything that comes up.

Practice languages

Check this site out, Babelan. You can contact native speakers and practice foreign languages.
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