Sunday, December 9, 2012

Learn Japanse online - Konnichiwa Japón

Usually, some post come out talking about web pages to learn different languages online for free. You can also learn about the country where the language is spoken as well as their culture, history, gastronomy and so on. On this post we recommend a site to learn Japanese. If you want to find more sites to learn Japanese read our precvious post Learning Japanese - web pages.

Konnichiwa Japón is a non-profit-making site that promotes the Japanese culture and its language. The site is in Spanish. They try to teach Japanese in a fun way. The page has got resources for those who cannot attend regular classes in a language school, although, those who attend classes can also use these resources to reinforce their study of Japanese.

There ar e 50 lessons in the site. They start right from the beginning. So those who have no knowledge of Japanese can start learning it with Konnichiwa Japón. In addition, they got a section called Mundo Kanji where to learn the Japanese pictograms. Even thoguh, you'll notice that some lessons are still under construction.

Moreover, there's a blog where you can read news and comments about Japan, culture, technology, games, manga, anime... They write about diverse topics which are captivating for those who learn Japanese.

Finally, it is remarkable their video channel in Youtube with lessons. These lessons are presented by Yoshiyuki Kubo and William Ariasin an entertaining way. You can watch the introductory video bellow:

Links to Konnichiwa Japón

Practice and learn languages easily

If you want to make new native friends to learn and practice languages check out Babelan. There's also an area for private lessons, where teacher offer their seervices.
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