Friday, March 1, 2013

Polar FLE. Learn and study French online

Apprendre le français avec l'inspecteru Roger Duflair

This website is a game. "You have to help an inspector to solve a criminal story". And playing it you will practice and learn French. It seems a pretty funny way of learning a language.

Following the story you will improve grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening skills. All begins with the murder of a woman. Detective Roger Duflair is in charge of the investigation and you are his assistant. "To achieve your mission, you have to select your level (beginner, elementary, intermediate, advanced). In all activities, we have hidden some hints to solve this crime. Therefore, you will have to understand the sentences in every exercise and memorize them".

Therefore, sit down and enjoy French playing this online game:

Practice & learn languages

In Babelan, you can contact native speakers and practice foreign languages (French, Spanish, English...).

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