Sunday, February 17, 2013

Rome in Babelan

Babelan Rome
At the very beginning, Babelan was a languages site for people who lived only in Barcelona. As we realise that lots of people were interested in practicing and teaching languages, we added new Spanish cities on Babelan such as Madrid and Valencia.

Soon later, the site greew up and new cities came out from several different countries such as the UK, Germany, France, Canada or the USA.

Now, we have included a new country (Italy) and a new city: Rome. Currently, there are several messages, on the section of Global language exchange, from people who live in Italy.

However, if you do not know Babelan, here's what you can find in every city on the site. Each city offers four different section where you can publish your message or read someone's else:

1. Language exchange. Here, you can contact other students of languages in your city and practice foreign languages. You can arrange a meeting in a bar, in a library and so on. In addition, you can set up a languages group and join together and have fun.

2. Global language exchange [check it out]. This section is common for all the cities. Here, you can contact with students of languages from around the world and practice online thanks to the internet tools such as chats, Skype, emails, etc.

3. Private lessons. Teachers can publish adverts offering their private classes. You can contact a teacher from your city, although nowadays, several teachers offer their classes through Skype. This way is really suitable to save time as you learn from home at the time you arrange with the teacher. This sort of virtual lesson are becoming so popular.

4. Translations. On this section, translators publish adverts offering their translation services, so, companies interested can contact them.

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