Wednesday, October 28, 2009

RusskogoYazyka, a collection of Russian videos

This is an odd collection of old Russian videos for advanced beginners. This is what the owner of this Youtube channel tells about these videos from the Soviet era:

"Specifically designed to help you learn this most beautiful language, this Channel gathers 61 videos (1 song + 11 full lessons + 49 help lessons with basic vocabulary in English) for advanced beginners.

"The audio recordings are the original ones from the Soviet era. So the dialogues reflect the Soviet way of life.

"I am not a video maker, so I inductively edited some raw material from the book "Так Говорят Русские" and from Internet Soviet propaganda posters using Adobe Premiere Pro software ad hoc."

Russian As Russians Speak It (Так Говорят Русские) aims at improving the student's command of Russian dialogue techniques and is designed for students who have worked through an elementary Russian course and who wish to develop their aural comprehension and speech habits. The student is assumed to have mastered the fundamentals of Russian pronunciation and intonation, the formation and meaning of the most essential nominal and verbal forms, the basic syntactical structures, and to have a command of an elementary Russian vocabulary.

Тема 1 - Урок 1 Познакомьтесь: это моя семья

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  1. Максимум пафоса и минимум информации. Как всегда всё через одно место.


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