Sunday, April 4, 2010

Learning Japanese - web pages

Everyone can find several web pages to learn Japanese online. Probably, it is difficult to say which is the best, however, you can use some of them together in order to learn and practice the language.

Here, there's a list. Some web pages are in English and others in Spanish.

A Japanese guide to Japanese grammar -
Aprende japonés -
Bilingoz -
Charles Kelly's online Japanese language study materials -
Japanese grammar guide -
Habla japonés -
Japanese lessons - NHK -
Japanese learning -
Japanese listening comprehension exercises -
Japonés por libre -
Japoneando -
Learn Japanese in 20 weeks -
Minna -
Reading tutor -
Survival Japanese -

Practicing Japanese

In, every user can find native speakers for a language exchange, a private class or a translator:

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  1. Also for Live JAPANESE lessons


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