Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How to choose the right book

Books in different languages.
There are several tips and tricks to improve your language skills. There are different techniques to improve your listening, speaking, reading  and writing skills. Whatever skill you want to improve, it's always necessary to broaden your vocabulary. And, I strongly believe that the best way to broaden your vocabulary is reading books in the target language.

When learning a foreign language is not easy to read real books in the target language. Fortunately, there are books written in a simplified way, using proper vocabulary and sentence structures for learners of that language.

Although, some students find difficult to choose the right books. Every editor classifies their books in diverse ways. For instance, some books come from level 1 to level 6, others from A to C, and so on.

The best way to know the book that suits you is the following. Take a book from the bookshop (find bookshops in Barcelona). Then open it and read a randon page. At this point, it may happen:

  • that you understand everything: this means that the book is easy and not the right one
  • that you don't understand almost anything: this means tha it is too difficult for you
  • that you don't aunderstand everything but you can follow the story: this is the right book.

The third option is the right one because you can read and understand what they talk about, altghough you don't get everything. So this new stuff is what you will be studying and learning from the book. If you take the book that cannot follow and understand, it will be like a wall. You will stuck and depressed. And if you take the one you understand everything, it will be fun but you won't learn almost anything.

I hope this tip will help you to chose the right book and broaden your vocabulary.


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