Friday, November 23, 2012

Language exchange with native speakers

First of all, if you want to exchange languages, you have to meet someone. Nowadays, thanks to internet this is not difficult. On the other hand, and not less important, the question is what to do when exchanging langagues. Probably, you might consider these points:

  • You should find someone with a similar level to yours. Different levels could fail the exchange.
  • Talk about common interests: hobbies, travels, culture, sports... Perhaps, you don't know the other's hobby. Although, asking and learning about it could become interesting for you.
  • You can teach some grammar points, vocabulary, pronunciation and help solving some doubts.
  • You may also exchange videos and articles that could engage your partner.
  • It is also attractive to teach idioms and quotes.
  • Correct your partner. Even though, not too much, not all the time. It could be boring and prevent fluency.
  • In addition, everyone likes to talk about their countries, habits, people in their countries, popular gastronomy, history...

I hope these tips are a good starting point for you language exchange. If you want to share your suggestions and experiences, just post a comment below.

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