Saturday, April 28, 2012

Resources for foreign language tutors - BBC Language Tutors

BBC Languages is a great resource for students of languages. It's got audio and video courses for students of French, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Portugues, Chinese and so on.

As well, BBC Languages has got a web page for foreign language tutors. It's focus on tutors of French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Here, teachers can find different resources. You can find news and programmes online in the Foreign-language TV. Transcripts are available to download.

It's worth visiting the areas where you can read tips, guidelines and internet resources.

There's a forum where you can post your tips and read what other teachers say about teaching strategies.

Also, in order to get the latest, you can sign up the monthly BBC Languages newsletter that features current highlights from the Languages site.

Practice & learn languages

In Babelan, you can contact native speakers and practice foreign languages.


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