Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It is not difficult to find web pages to start learning any foreign language. The trouble is to find sites for upper beginners or intermediate students.

Russificate is a blog (all in Russian) for students of Russian who have already studied for a while and are no beginners.

This blog is built by a Russian teacher, Yulia, from Moscow. And she states: "This blog is dedicated to Russian as a foreign language and, at the same time, to some elements of the Russian culture. I´ll try to do my best so that you´re not get bored. The exercises will concern both vocabulary and grammar and even podcasts! Learn Russian with pleasure!"

You can practise several skills with Russificate, reading, listening, reading and writing. And there is diverse stuff you can find in the blog. Here's some examples:
In addition, there are videos, links to other Russian resources, slang examples and so on.
Other interesting sites

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