Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Advanced Russian with Taste of Russian

Language learning sites on internet usually are intended for beginners, no matter the languages you want to study. These sites are really interesting as they help you taking  your first steps into the language. They are quite useful to get by when travelling, talking about yourself and family, working, etc. Although when you reach a certain level (intermediate or advance) is more difficult to find language sites.

Taste of Russian (http://www.tasteofrussian.com) is a blog with lessons of Russian for students with an intermediate or advance level. Every lesson has got a podcast (audio), only in Russian, and a pdf file with the transcription of the podcast.

There is a introduction of the lesson, and right after a dialogue related to the lesson topic. Finally, there is an explanation of the most important words and idioms.

You will learn several words and idioms that are not usually taught in a language class, but those that are spoken by real people on their daily life. It's is a more natural language rather the formal language learnt in a class.

These lessons could be a difficult for those who haven't achieve an intermediate or advanced level at least. In this case, you can just listen the intro and the dialogue. This is approximately the first two minutes. And just work this dialogue searching and learning the new vocabulary. The rest of the lessons is the explanation of the new words and idioms and is more difficult.

On the other hand, you can check out these intermediate lessons: Russian Language Podcast which are suitable for intermediate students of Russian. If you want to find more Russian sites read this previous post: Russian language: web sites.

Practice & learn languages

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