Friday, February 6, 2009

Iranian Songs Translations

Learning by Singing Persian - Yadgiriye Farsi ba avaz khani یادگیری فارسی با آوازخوانی

Iranian Songs Translations is a blog that offers a funny way to learn Persian.

Her owner
Laura Vivero describes her site as follows: "Salam, my name is Laura and I am a fan of persian music. Thanks to the effort of some iranian friends who kindly translated Iranian songs into english (specialy, my beloved friends Vanda, Mehdi, Mozhgan and Shakiba), I gathered a modest collection of translations which I here would like to share with you. They can help you to learn or improve your Persian, or just to enjoy the beauty of Iranian songs. I firmly believe that singing is an optimal way of learning languages. At least I´m doing that myself!".

Enjoy and learn Persian:

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