Wednesday, May 26, 2010 - Learn to speak Mandarin Chinese online free is a web page that offers Chinese video lessons. It was built by David, in Taiwan, and the videos are presented by himself. There are videos with basic topics, grammar, greetings, introductions and formalities as well as fun vocabulary.

In addition, there's a list called Learn Mandarin Resources with interesting web pages.

Video presentation about Mandarin from the website

"Hi! My name is David! Here you can learn Mandarin Chinese online by watching over 30 original videos that I’ve made. Chinese is really not as hard as you might imagine at first. With some studying and determination you too can learn to speak fluently one day! This site will give you a very good start and if you wish to pursue a more in depth linguistic training please purchase any of the highly recommended Chinese courses offered for sale on this site. I hope this website gives you some inspiration to pursue learning the language and I wish you good luck!"

Practicing and learning Chinese

In addition, you can find native speakers for a language exchange, a private class or a translator in


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