Saturday, May 8, 2010

How to Learn French Online. Web pages

You can find in this post a list of resourses online -webpages- to learn and practice French. If you know more you can post a comment about it. -

Aula Fácil -

Bonjour de France -

Moddou -

Fannygrosse-FLE -

Cours de langues - Radio Canada (for children) -

French tutorial -

Lexique FLE -

Polar FLE - apprendre le français -

RFI - Langue française - apprendre -

Practicing and learning French

In addition, you can find native speakers for a language exchange, a private class or a translator in


  1. this one is good too: it is free.

  2. Hello everyone,

    You can search for "language teachers" on the left side of your homepage, "French teachers" specifically to help you learn French.
    You could also look on the same side for "language partners" to find native French speakers to practice with them.
    I would start by taking some initial classes to help you know the basics of the French language: pronunciation, basic words, vocabulary and grammar.
    You can then use self learning methods online such as French for beginners sites and language sites etc.

    The following are some sites that could help you start learning French:


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