Monday, August 23, 2010

Web pages to learn and practice Spanish

Here, there's a list of resources to learn Spanish online. Moreover, you can find native speakers, make new friends and practice Spanish in Babelan (language exchange).

Web pages to learn and practice Spanish

Aprender español -

BBC - Languages - Spanish -

Business Spanish -

Espagnol pour débutants -

Learn Spanish -

Learn Spanish online - -

Spanish language and culture -

Spanish pronto -

Spanish verb conjugation -

Spanish verb tense notebook -

Spanish-tutorials -

Test yourself - Free online Spanish exercises -

Practica Español -



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  2. I have been looking to learn spanish since long time and I am glad that i found online website that offers Free Spanish Classes. They offers LIVE one-way video chat that is very helpful for those who are looking to learn spanish online.

  3. if someone here sees this and wants to practice Spanish with a native speaker ... Please ADD ME on skype: AndresJ_90 , I wanna still practice my English for my IELTS test next year I'll help you with your Spanish, I have helped many people and I will still glad to help people ...


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