Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kitabu. Book exchange site for language learners

Kitabu. Book exchange site for language learners
As you know, Babelan.net is a community where you can meet native speakers and practice languages (language exchange). You can practice your speaking face to face, if you are in the same city, or virtualy (with skype, messenger, etc). Also, you can practice your wirting if you exchange language through a chat or e-mail.

There is another way of free exchange to learn and practice foreign languages. It's a new web page called Kitabu. And in a nutshell is a book exchange site for language learners.

How it works

It's pretty simple. If you have a book in good conditions, just fill in the form in the section "I have a book that you no longer need", and it will be collected.

And if you need a book that is available, you have to order it (in section "I want a book"). You'll just pay the shipping.

You can see that it is really easy. So far, there are books to learn English, French and German. And more will be added.


There are different reasons to built a community like this that you can read here:

- Environmental: sharing books, save natural resources such as wood, save water and to prevent its pollution, save energy and prevent pollution.
- Collaborative consumption: there are books than you don't use any longer, but other people could take avantage of them.
- Economic: it's cheaper to share book than buying new ones.
- Convenience: you will receive at home the book your ordered.

Hence, If you like Kitabu join them and share its link: http://llibresidiomessegonama.wordpress.com

Language Exchange

If you want to practice, improve and exchange languages visit Babelan.


  1. Oh..Its really great .Thanks for sharing such a nice site we can use for language translation

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