Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Learning foreign languages. Tips

If you are searching tips to improve the foreign language you're studying, here's some articles about different strategies to be used.

10 Tips for Language Learning Success
Article contents:
1. Set realistic expectations
2. Break study time into smaller chunks
3. Learn vocabulary effectively
4. Practice language actively
5. Do homework conscientiously
6. Form study groups
7. Identify your learning style
8. Maximize your language exposure
9. Spend time on task
10. Communicate with your instructor

15 Language Learning Resources at Your Fingertips
Article contents:
1. Find a pen pal
2. Rent and watch a foreign film
3. Read or watch foreign news online
4. Find native speakers in your community
5. Join or start a conversation group
6. Visit an ethnic restaurant
7. Find a book or magazine in your library
8. Use a foreign language search engine to explore your interests
9. Join a foreign language discussion board
10. Visit a foreign language chat room
11. Plan a trip
12. Study abroad

Learning a Language - The Basics
Article contents:
Study Little Often
Do Not Run before You Can Walk
Look for Partners with Similar Interests
Do Not Expect to Feel Progress all the Time
Make as Many Mistakes as You Can
Enjoy yourself

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