Sunday, September 13, 2009

BBC Learning English

Probably, BBC Learning English is the most comprehensive web page to study and practice English. It covers a wide range of levels from a lower intermediate to proficiency level.

Any student of English can improve different skills with the site: reading, listening and also writing and talking (thanks to its Community where the user can contact other people). In addition, there are areas to learn grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation topics.

The page has got lots of resources. Words in the news is a tool to work listening skills and also to broaden the vocabulary. Face Up to Phrasals helps to improve such a difficult topic as phrasal verbs. Quizzes is the place to test your knowledge of the language. For teachers is the area for teachers. And the site offers dramas, blogs, questions and answers and so on.

It's really comprehensive and a good complement to students and teachers:

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