Thursday, September 3, 2009

Russian Language Podcast

There are some skills we need to develop in order no learn a foreign language: writing, reading, listening and speaking. You need to practice quite a lot every skill if you really want to learn the target language.

It is difficult to find resources with a suitable level for a foreign student. Regarding listening skills, you can find dozens of radio stations in many languages, although finding recordings for students of lower levels is not easy.

Russian Language Podcast is a site focus on intermediate students of Russian. The site is built by Tatiana, a Russian and French teacher and interpreter. The page has many podcasts, all in Russian, with the tapescript.

"This podcast is for those who already know basic grammar and want to improve their Russian level. If you don't speak Russian at all, but can understand few words, you still can listen to this podcast, it will help you too. This podcast is entirely in Russian."

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