Friday, January 21, 2011

Listening to radio in Russian

In a previous post, Learning foreign languages: listening skills, you can find some tips about how important is to listen the language you are learning. If you study Russian, and you want to improve your listening skills, you can find several radio stations in Russian Radio.

Russian Radio has got a list of stations broadcasting in Russian which can be listened in internet. There are two groups of radio stations:
  • Radio Stations in Russia with local stations, e.g. Echo of Moscow, Jazznet Radio (Krasnoyarsk), Russkoe Radio (Moscow & N.Novgorod), Uniton Radio (Novosibirsk), VBC Radio (Vladivostok) or Voice of Russia (Moscow).
  • Radio Stations outside of Russia, e.g. Detskoe Radio (Chicago, USA), SWH+ (Riga), Voice of America (USA), Prague Radio (Czech Rep.) or Canada International (Canada).
There are more radio stations outside of Russia which broadcast in Russian and they are not in the list:


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