Saturday, November 27, 2010

Beginning Russian through film

Beginning Russian through film is intended for students of Russian. It's got a collection of videos, with its scripts, to improve your Russian. There are chapters of Eralash (a TV humor magazine for children from de soviet era) and films such as Crime and Punishment, Moscow Doesn't Believe in Tears, The Pyatnitskaya Street Tavern, Volgograd and so on.

About this experient (from the web)

"Short digitized clips from Russian films are the primary source of language and culture in this course. We collected close to 400 clips and placed them on this Web site along with many supporting materials. You can use a Windows or Macintosh computer to take advantage of the course. No registration is necessary (or, indeed, possible), and no credit is given, unless the student is registered for first-year Russian at Cornell. (...)". Read all the text.

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