Saturday, March 24, 2012

How To Learn A Foreign Language

Georg Grey, a freelance language teacher and translator - English, Spanish, German, reflects on language learning in his blog Thoughts On Life And Livin'.

(...) I don’t approve of most language teaching methods as applied by modern language schools, and it will become more transparent why in the course of this article.

His tips are quite interesting. He suggests to learn a foreign language as a toddler learns their mother language. And he recommends to avoid direct translation.

(...) If you have already learned a foreign language, or you are in the process of it, you will inevitable feel that you are translating one language into the other. And that’s the fundamental mistake most people make.

Hence, read the whole post and take into acount his tips: How To Learn A Foreign Language.

Finally, if you know tips about learning languages, you can post a comment or leave a related link.



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