Thursday, May 14, 2015

Language exchange partners

Here's some of the latest messages published on Babelan by people who offers a language exchange online (eg. by Skype).

Probably, the most wanted languages now are Spanish, English, Russian or French, although every day there are newcomers with different languages:

Hi my name is Jorge, I can teach Spanish, in exchange for English or Japanese
Spanish is my native language. I want to practice my english and japanese. Skype:ultra2000x

My spanish for you english
Hi my friends, I am xchanging my native spanish for your native english

Help me teaching English!)))
hello! I really do not know much English! I want to speak fluently in that language. in return I can help with the Russian!

English for Spanish
Hello! I want to improve my english, I am a hispanic guy, I can pay back with spanish, I have a good gramm(in spanish of course) If you are looking for this, add me on skype: gilberto.torrealba, or you can bring me a teamspeak ip, Im not a teacher, Im just someone who wants to learn a foreign language, but I think I can help you if its spanish what are you looking for.

I want to learn english, and I can teach you portuguese!
My Skype: thiagobisewski

English to Portuguese
Hello there ! anyone who needs english tutor? I can teach you and you can can teach me portuguese if you want. Kindly find me on skype: rico.azhardi ;) Obrigado

Need help
Hi, I am Russian and I very need to study English for my job and for pleasure. In return I can teach you Russian!

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