Monday, May 25, 2015

Russian language exchange online

On this post you can find a summary (from Babelan) of some people offering o searching a Russian language partner. You can contact them if you want improve your language level.

My native language - Russian. I want to learn English
My native language - Russian. I want to learn English. Мой родной язык - русский. Хочу выучить английский. My Skype: djigit-ya

I`m russian and I propose Russian in exchange for English
Hi, everybody! I`m Andrey and I wish to communicate with communicable human, who the native speaker of English exactly or who the advance in english at least.

Hello, I know Russian and I want to practice English
Hello, my English is not so good, but I really want to learn English, help those who lean Russian. My skype: s-a-n-e-a2

Hi, my name is Arthur I'm 27 years old. (Russian) I want to practice ENGLISH
I'll be glad to help with the Russian language. In return I ask to help me practice English. If you're a girl, I'll be happy twice) I think that it will be comfortable.

Hello! Your English, Italian, Spanish or Deutsch in exchange of my Russian
Hello! I'd like to improve my English or to learn Italian, Spanish or Deutsch from the very beginning. I can help you with your Russian.

Hello !!! My name's Joseph, from Spain and living in Moscow. I can teach you "spanish" or "english" and, in return, you can teach me "russian"
I live in the centre of Moscow. I would like to learn "russian" and, in return, I could teach you "spanish" or "english". Thanks :-)

Русский - английский ...
Хочу изучать английский в обмен на русский. Меня зовут Айгуль. Мне 39 лет.Давайте общаться...

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