Monday, July 13, 2015

English lessons in-person and on-line. Clases de inglés

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Did you drop out of a language school? Are you frustrated with your learning progress?

ALL YOU NEED IS CONVERSATION!!! I am a certified English teacher with over three years of teaching experience. I've had many happy customers! I am very patient! I always tailor my lessons according to student's learning needs.

The lessons are conversation-based - this is the best way to learn! I hold both in-person and on-line lessons (via Skype - no need to leave your house to take a lesson, no worries about the weather, traffic, being late).

Contact me if you'd like to schedule your first lesson with me! I am sure you will enjoy it! Check out my website for more details:

You can find here more foreign languages teachers (if you are a teacher you can post your classes information for free on

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