Monday, July 20, 2015

I Need Mandarin Chinese and Spanish in Exchange for My English

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Hi everyone. My name is Nathan. I study Mandarin Chinese and Spanish, and I desperately need native speakers of those languages with whom I can have spoken conversation. I want to communicate vocally because I need to practice speaking, so please be willing to talk through Skype! It is not a requirement that we do video Skype, but I do prefer we use the audio function so that I can practice my speaking skills.

In exchange for helping me, I can help you improve your English. When I worked with people learning English in the past, we had success reading news articles and sections of books together. That allowed me to hear their pronunciation of certain words and then to correct them and allowed them to familiarize themselves with new words. We could try that as one learning method. However, the way we practice English really is up to you.

I like to keep the conversations fun, friendly, and comfortable for everyone participating. I do not discriminate on any basis. If you can help me improve my oral skills in either Chinese or Spanish, you can e-mail me at or add me on Skype at ngravitt90. I hope to hear from you all! :D

You can find here more foreign languages students and practice online.

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